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Eligibility Calendar

Here is the calendar for eligibility reporting.  Download it here and see when grades are checked.  This is important for all sports and activities that you are involved in.

Nurse's Corner

October is National Bully Prevention Month.  Unfortunately, students don't always tell adults that they've been bullied and therefore parents don't know that anything is wrong.  Because it can have such a severe impact on a child's mental health, it's important to recognize the warning signs so that actions can be taken if necessary.


Some warning signs might include:

• Frequent complaints of not feeling well (headache or stomach ache)

• Changes in eating habits (children may skip lunch at school)

• Difficulty sleeping

• Dropping grades and/or interest in schoolwork

• Avoiding social situations

• Self harm, talk of running away

• Lost or destroyed items

• Unexplained injuries


Sumner has created the Sumner Safe Zone displayed on this page in efforts to support our zero tolerance policy.  To learn more about tips and strategies, please visit the website www.stopbullying.gov.


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You can now follow Sumner Athletics @sumner_academy for updates on games, game changes, scores and a whole lot more


Sumner Academy of Arts and Science

Top 10% of Seniors Receive Dictionaries from Kansas Honors Program

Money for College

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Sumner Safe Zone

Have you been bullied, either physically or cyber?  Have you seen someone being bullied, but were afraid to let someone know?  You can now report bullying by emailing sumnersafezone@gmail.com.  All reports will be kept confidential.  We have a zero tolerance policy for bullying.  Everyone should feel safe at Sumner.  Look for future Safe Zones in the building.


Finals Schedule

12/12 Monday: Crunch Day

12/13 Tuesday: Odd Day

12/14 Wednesday: Even Day

12/15 Thursday: 1, 2, AEP, 3

12/16 Friday: AEP, 4, AEP, 5

12/19 Monday: AEP, 6, AEP, 7

12/20 Tuesday: Crunch Day Make Up

School Loop Mobile App

If you have a cell phone, you can now download the School Loop app.  Here is the link to the page for downloading to iPhones or Android phones. Faculty, parents, and students can easily access from anywhere with this app.

Past Yearbooks

We have the following yearbooks in inventory at the following prices.


1976-1977, 1982-1990, 1992-2016 (2017 forthcoming)


Yearbook Prices:
2017 to 2014 = $50
2006 to 2013 = $30
1976 to 2005 = $20


You may purchase a yearbook through the school treasurer.  Email michael.prier@kckps.org with the years you want and we will leave it in the office for pick up.


Here is a copy of the tutoring schedule.  Download it and see what subjects are offered and when.

Internet Safety

1. Keep Your Online Identity Secret

Don’t tell anyone your real name and address or what neighborhood you live in. Here’s the general rule: Don’t give out any information that a predator could possibly use to find you. The Federal Trade Commission says that even “small clues” like what school you attend or the name of your athletic team is enough for a predator to figure out your identity.

2. Your Username and Password Belong to You … And Only You

Don’t give your username or password to anyone. It's just that simple. What if a friend logs on and pretends to be you, and then says something really awful and gets you in trouble? Sure, it might seem funny to the “former” friend, but it’s serious and it happens every day. With your username and password, someone can post language that gets you expelled from school, in trouble with your parents, or even in trouble with the law. Keep your name and password private.

3. Other Tips

Only accept friend requests from people you KNOW.

Make sure your privacy settings on Facebook are set to private.

If you post photos, make sure that they are only visible to your friends and are not public (you can change this in settings).

If you get any unwelcome or suspicious messages on Facebook, report the messages to Facebook and block the person from contacting you.

Be safe!


New Recycling Program

Students: Thanks to Student Council providing the funds, recycling has returned to Sumner!  Please look for the container in each classroom and put into it only recyclable materials.  Trash like glass bottles, tissues, and styrofoam goes into the trash can.  Please help us reduce what we send to the landfill by refilling water bottles, reusing paper, and generally reducing our consumption of one-use products like plastic forks and spoons.  if you are interested in helping to empty classroom bins, contact senior Amanda Cano-Lozano.